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It never comes to my mind setting up an educational institution..for the sake of investing money. The main target is contributing to raising a generation with Egyptian identity, and of Arabic origin...Bearing in mind all these factors – mental, psychological, physical, and cultural..capable of confronting, and keeping up with globalization.
After considering all educational, cultural, and athletic activities..it has been planned to select the suitable area for establishing this school. The area is about 12 feddans. The architectural design of the buildings is unfamiliar to school buildings. The class is in the shape of octagon to achieve suitable psychological, health, and educational goals, so that ventilation and natural light effects are from all directions. This design achieves its purposes, and was recommended by all locally and internationally. In addition to considering athletic and cultural activities, so that the student could gain different skills in each stage. Untraditional games were introduced into the schools.
The educational institution of Rajac was established in 1981, as an institute for English language. In the year 1987, the institute was specialized in teaching the English certificate of (G.C.E), and then (I.G.C.S.E), starting from kindergarten to secondary.
In 1999, the French school was established, abiding by the same level mentioned above, so that the second language is English or German. In the same year, special needs department was opened.
In 2001, Rajac American school was established, with the approval of international CITA organization by decree-law number 2003/50. Together with enlarging the school, and dividing the schools into many separate administrations, in order to manage it easily and properly, achieving pedagogical and educational objectives.

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